Our technology has been tested and verified by both NIST and JITC.

The Paladin D3 has been rigorously tested by both the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) of the U.S. Department of Defense. Both testing operations have verified that the claims we make about the Paladin are true and accurate. The Paladin is so robust, it has even been approved for U.S. Military use.

The Paladin is the most powerful tool on the market to protect your client’s confidential information, bar none. Protect your clients, your consulting business and your reputation with Paladin military-grade technology. Any other data security product, no matter the cost, is not worth the risk.


The Paladin D3 Microprocessor

The Paladin features a specialized, microprocessor on-board that ensures you are up and running immediately wherever you use your D3 device. Rest easy, this American-designed, American-built microprocessor means that you won’t need to worry about “pre-installed” malware. Fully self-contained, the Paladin requires no setup, registration or interaction of any kind on any system.

NOTE: The vast majority of security tools require installation, drivers, IT/admin support or specialized procedures on each and every network involved. In order to function properly (or function at all), typical security gear can work only on a computer system and/or network that is specifically configured to accept it.

Your Paladin D3 is network neutral — It never cramps your operational style or inhibits your freedom of movement.

Paladin Biometric Sensor

The Paladin “live-finger” FBI-approved fingerprint scanner radically outperforms other biometric input devices:
The Paladin D3 sensor is set at 25 data points per area — twice the standard for use by the US government. And it’s possible to customize it to yet a higher standard.

Every ID requires a warm, living finger with real-time blood-flow! A faked finger print image or even a 3D detailed latex cast of a finger will not work.

The Paladin D3 sensor images one’s entire fingerprint all at once, it does not scan it from top to bottom, or require that you “swipe” your finger tip over a scanner, which can introduce blurs, image anomalies and inaccurate information.

In industry testing, the Paladin D3 sensor is four times more accurate than other top fingerprint scanning systems, and is as much as ten times more accurate than standard scanners.

The biometric sensor cannot be bypassed. A data thief cannot obtain — from ANY source — password or override keys to unlock the device, nor can it be “restarted” and reconfigured for another user. Nothing can take the place of your live finger.

Physical Intrusion Detection / Automatic Device Disabling

Attempting to pry open the Paladin D3 case and extract the internal circuit boards, or an attempt to directly connect to the circuit boards will automatically, completely and permanently shut down the Paladin device, rendering it completely inoperable.





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