The Paladin offers an unmatched combination of features.

The Paladin D3 is the only commercially available device that offers this combination of seven data security features:

Two-factor authentication:

Professional-grade encryption (FIPS 140-2 certified)
FBI-approved “living finger” biometric imaging that is double the
data-point correlation required for US Government use.

No fingerprint spoofing: The Paladin D3 ensures that the biometric data which
uniquely describes your fingerprints are never vulnerable to possible replication
or spoofing.

No back door. That’s right — unless unlocked by an authorized individual using
Paladin’s hard-core two-factor authentication, the device cannot be unlocked by any
other means.

Intrusion Detection protects against both electronic attacks and physical tampering.

Auto Disable: If lost or stolen, there is no need to worry about your information being
compromised. Anyone (except yourself) who attempts to unlock your Paladin will
trigger an automatic shut down process that renders the entire unit completely inert —
a kind of “kill switch” self-destruct feature that will help you sleep better at night.

Rugged portability: The Paladin is small, discrete and easy to carry in your pocket or
purse — it’s smaller than a pack of playing cards, yet more useful and powerful than
a bar of kryptonite!

Keep your secrets secret.

The Paladin D3 comes to you in a rugged, handsome box and includes the User Manual, a ballistic nylon case for the Paladin itself, a sensor cleaning cloth and a zippered pouch.

Losing control of your confidential files in not an option.





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