Protect your client, protect yourself.

Information secured on your Paladin cannot be opened by anyone other than you. Paladin-protected files that you decide to share with trusted team members can only be opened and viewed by other Paladin users that YOU have authorized.

The Paladin features state of the art Intrusion Protection that detects attempts to circumvent Paladin security systems. There is no backdoor — unauthorized intrusions, either digital or physical, will render the entire unit inert and unreadable.

Protect your team.

The Paladin can protect your entire team: only individuals with an authorized Paladin D3 device can view each other’s Paladin encrypted files — so you can share files with team members securely.

Easy to use.

The Paladin D3 is a simple to use independent and self-contained hardware and software solution to your data security challenges. It won’t weigh you down either… the Paladin is smaller and lighter than a pack of playing cards.

The Paladin D3 is a plug and play system that requires no software installation or IT support.

Once you learn the basic operating concepts, you can be up and running quickly. Day-to-day use only adds minutes to your standard routines — yet provides extremely robust protection for your confidential files and proprietary information.

Extreme flexibility

Use the Paladin D3 to encrypt and protect all of your sensitive files no matter where you store them: on your laptop, on backup drives or even in the cloud! Your password and living fingerprint are still required to open up any Paladin protected file.

Secure collaboration

You can share work files with Paladin-equipped team members via cloud-based services, on a shared network, or on a virtual private network (VPN). Only Paladin-equipped team members that you have authorized will be able to open files you have secured with your Paladin D3. Once files have been re-saved using the Paladin, they can only be opened by another designated Paladin operator. Your team maintains complete control over documents even if they are stored on a shared company server or in the cloud, even if a team member’s Paladin device is lost or stolen.





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